Who Remembers This Mouth Watering 90s Classic?

Who Remembers This Mouth Watering 90s Classic?

We can still taste that strawberry goodness...

If you never had a Frufoo yogurt as a kid in the 90s then you missed out.Frufoo was founded by the German dairy company Onken. The company stopped making the yogurts in the early noughties and no one knows why.

Fans will remember there were two types of Frufoo yogurts. One was the spaceship shape that had the gooey sweet yogurt around the edges and a random toy in the center. The other was a box of four chocolate spaceships that when you bit one the yogurt would burst into your mouth - pure heaven. The best way to describe this was that it was like the kinder egg of fromaige frais.

Here's one of the earliest German ads for the yogurt which always featured this little alien:



We're not the only ones who want this absolute God of a yogurt to come back. Twitter users have been tweeting in their droves about needing Frufoo back in their lives:


Some fans of the original have found an alternative but we're not convinced:

The yogurt joins a long list of gems that we'll probably never taste again. Let's get cracking on that petition.

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