Coach Kavanagh Is Offering FREE Self-Defence Classes In Dublin City

Coach Kavanagh Is Offering FREE Self-Defence Classes In Dublin City

After different incidents that have come to light over such a short amount of time in the last week, with the murder of Jastine Valdez and Anastasia Kriegal, and the attack of a girl on Sunday night in Dublin city, one Dublin gym has started to make an effort to show their support, and offer free defence classes to any woman who’s looking.

Coach Kavanagh of Straight Blast Gym on the Naas Road (Conor McGregors local) is offering classes to girls who are looking to learn self-defence techniques in case they come up against an assaulter in any situation.

Coach Kavanagh took to Instagram to give reason to why he was offering these classes for FREE every Saturday. He said: “In light of recent horrific attacks in Dublin by a deranged individual we feel the need to do something to give women a fighting chance.”

This offer will be on going for the foreseeable future at 11a.m every Saturday in the club, and is available to members of other clubs as well.

The class will be given by Jacqueline who is a purple belt in Jiu Jitsu, and a beginner in MMA.


There’s definitely no harm in going down to try it out and build up some useful techniques!



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