College Drinking Versus Real Life Drinking

So what does the world hold for you post college and your drinking escapades? No longer can you skip that first lecture to sleep off the crucial early stages of a hangover, real life responsibilities are now at you door. Nobody cared about you in college and you were left to your own you have a boss (ahhh authority) and a HR department who won't think twice about giving you a brisk slap on the wrists...But that's enough about that we're here to concentrate on the social aspect of your post college years and how they stand up to those epic college nights you are currently is college drinking versus real life drinking]

What you'll be drinkin'

In college: Dutch gold, lidl vodka, paint stripper, anything off a stripper.


In real world job: At first you'll probably on a graduate wage and after rent you'll probably have enough to drink a steady amount of Guinness (because you're now a man) followed by a solid spirit and mixer like a G&T.


What you want from a night out

In college: I'm getting blackout drunk but beforehand I'm going to make sure I'm in the vicinity of that really cute girl in my sociology class. Enough drink and I'll be all over her and she'll be my new girlfriend. Whoop

In a real world job: Winding down after the tough week with a few sociable's after work on Friday will either stay at a few sociables or see you end up with your tie around your head in a club at 3 in the'll probably accidentally score the new girl from sales too, which will make for an awkward Monday...butttt you don't have to think about that for now...not til the dreaded FEAR kicks in on Sunday night.

Anticipating a night out


In College You: You know everyone that's going, talk is rife for weeks before hand, you will probably mix it up with another club night as there are so many, not even every week, but every night.

In a real world job: Will be willing the weekend to arrive from midday Wednesday. The first half of the week will have been spent getting over the previous weekend and may have included the term, I'm never drinking again at some point. Perhaps there will be a spontaneous work night out along the way somewhere, but this will throw the Monday-Wednesday midday, Wednesday midday - Friday bi polar-ness routine straight out the window. The guest list is also a long forgotten thing.

Spending Money

In college: You know a friend of a friend of a friends friends cousin who can get you on the cheap list, which is probably only a fiver less than full price, something you will throw money at in future years but tonight it will probably get you 7 extra vodka's, a bag of chips and a taxi home, because you won't remember how you got home and will have achieved everything on just a fiver


In  the real world: Debit Card...Credit Card...CASH BACK'll throw money at everything as money is the answer (but also the source) to all life's problems...

The Hangover

In college: You are as giddy as a sugared up child and not a care in the world, you stick on netflix followed by a Dr. Phil and Home and Away marathon and possibly hit college after lunch...or possibly not. You may mention the night out at some stage in the afternoon, but it's all a bit hazey...not that you care.

In real world job: THE FEAR is your worst enemy, the accidental score mentioned earlier that you had Friday night is now the only thought on your mind as you are climbing the walls with worry about the implications. Monday comes an you find out that she also scored with John in accounts and she can't remember anything else but John...RELIEF! But then..."But what if we hooked up after she hooked up with John? Shit! What if John saw it...SHIT!" Ahhh leave me alone Monday Fear. John's out sick...phew..I won't give a fiddlers about this tomorrow.

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Ian Smith
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Ian is a contributing writer for CollegeTimes. He is currently partying his ass off for the Summer having spent the past 7 years at various colleges across the globe. While by no means an athlete, he considers himself a world class darts player... If you tweet him he will not respond.

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