The College Girl's Guide to Island-Hopping in Greece

At College Times, we like to think along the lines of the phrase 'go hard or go home.' So, when it comes to Greece, why not visit more than just the typical Athens or just one island? Why not hop around multiple islands? They've all got their strong points (and, well, no actual weak points, lets be honest), and we're here to highlight some of the amazing things every college girl needs to see on your trip to Greece this summer.

1. Beaches On Naxos And Paros


There's nothing better than laying out on the beach, getting a tan and people watching. What better place to do that than in Greece? Naxos and Paros are the place to do just that, as they've got arguably the best beaches in Greece. A nice looking guy beachside looking out onto amazing clear blue waters? Eh, yes, please!

2. Drinking On Ios


What's a real holiday without a hefty portion of drinking? Ios is one of the most popular islands for college girls partying and drinking, so you'll be in familiar company here. Nothing like getting drunk in the sun and carrying on into the night, eh? It's just like a night in Coppers except at 4am you won't be freezing your arse off in minus degree weather. Coppers in the sun- could there be a more perfect union?!


3. Sights On Santorini


Another one of the most popular islands, Santorini is known best for being the most romantic of the Greek islands. But don't freak out, you don't necessarily need a boyf to head there. There's a lot more to the place than just that, and who knows, maybe you'll pick up a dude while you're there!



4. Beauty On Crete


Crete is Greece's biggest island, but you'd never know going there because of how small and private it feels. Colourful, fun, and amazingly beautiful, Crete is the perfect place if you're looking to relax and take in the natural beauty of the island. And seriously, your Instagram pics will look unreal!

5. Charm On Hydra



A favourite of professional traveler Rick Steves, Hydra is the perfect island to head out to if you're looking for a relaxing place that's just a hop away from hot spot Athens. The charming harbor mixed with easily accessible beaches makes Hydra the perfect place to enjoy some real Greek culture.

6. Partying On Mykonos


While Ios is known for being popular among college girls, if you're looking for something a bit more upscale, head to Mykonos. Popular for a lot of twenty-somethings, this is the place to do some serious partying. Spring break here every year is absolutely nuts.

7. Ruins On Delos



As one of the oldest cultures to still be in existence, you've got to be at least a little curious about Greek ruins. Lucky enough, there's some amazing ones to see on the island of Delos, just a day trip away from Mykonos. Deffo add it to your list of things to do on your island hop.

Video: 10 Days on Greece Island Hopping: Athens, Santorini, Corfu


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