The Ultimate Bucket List For Your Trip To Thailand

When you hear the word Thailand, words like exotic, exciting, tropical, culture, history and FUCKIN PARTY TIME usually come to mind. Thailand is at the top of everyone's bucket list, (or Phuket list AMIRITE) and for good reason. There is so much to do in Thailand and I'm here to guide you along.

1. Elephant Sanctuaries


Who doesn't love elephants? Bangkok is known for the sheer amount of elephant sanctuaries. Make sure to look out for sanctuaries with the most emphasis on conservation, because we love elephants, we don't want them to go anywhere. An elephant sanctuary is a must-see in Thailand.

2. Full Moon Party



The Full Moon parties in Koh Phangan are a rite of passage for anyone who's travelling in Thailand. This one goes out to all of the top class ravers out there who like dancing all night, being covered head to toe in UV paint, and playing with fire. It's basically just a massive beach party that runs all night.. Not one downside, unless you're opposed to the craic, in which case get out.

3. The Night Bazaar in Chiang Mai


This is probably the coolest market you will ever go to in your life. There's food, jewellery, clothes and anything Thai that you could ever wish for. Remember that bargaining is basically an Olympic sport in Thailand, so you're expected to bargain for everything you buy. Even if you don't want to buy anything (but you probably will) just going for a stroll up and down the Night Bazaar is a class experience.


4. Rooftop Bars


Thailand has the most amazing views, so rooftop bars are a must see. It's like your having a drink above real life ART. So pretty. Anyone that's seen The Hangover 2 knows this. Cocktails in Bangkok are legendary. The Sky Bar is probably the best known rooftop bar and it's breathtaking. Check it out mate. That view though.



5. Songkran Water Festival


If you're lucky enough to be in Thailand while the Songkran Water Festival is taking place, then damn you because I'm super jealous. It celebrates the Thai New Year. It consists of three days of madness-filled water fights. (Don't worry - there's also excessive drinking.) Tbh it sounds like Paddy's Day in Dublin x 3 + lots of water = FUN.

6. Drink A Bucket



No it's not just a bucket of straight alcohol, but it may as well be. Buckets are very popular in Thailand especially at events like Full Moon Parties. A bucket set comes with a bottle of alcohol, (around half a 70cl) two cans of coke/7up/whateva, and a Redbull. There's usually around 10 straws shoved in the bucket with the idea that you’ll be sharing. (HA, please) One bucket will certainly get you there but who’s counting eh?

7. Street Food


Even here in Ireland, there's loads of places to get "Thai Street Food," and we eat a lottttttt of that, so of course in Thailand you need to eat on the streetz. Pad thai, curry, seafood, any noodle dish you could ever imagine... aghhhh I'm getting hungry writing about these. Street food is mandatory in Thailand basically.


8. Khao San Road


Party central basically. Khao San Road has been described as "the centre of the backpacking universe." It's a street that's only around 1km long but it's packed with loads of restaurants, pubs, clubs, tattoo parlours, massage parlours and honestly probably everything you would ever need to survive and live a happy life. Super popular with hipsters and the likes so WATCH OUT.

9. Dive in Ko Tao



Ever wanted to get your open water dive qualification? No? Well you do now. Ko Tao is one of the cheapest places on Earth to get your diving qualification, so why not just grab it while you're in Thailand. Sun, sea, being a proper diver, all in a day in Thailand.

10. Ride in a Tuk-Tuk


Not only because it's a hilarious word, but because it's supa fun. A tuk-tuk is a three-wheeled motorcycle taxi that's usually found rallying around the clogged streets of busy cities like Bangkok and Chiang Mai. Although riding in a tuk-tuk can be described as more chaotic than comfortable, taking at least one wild ride is mandatory for a reaal Thailand experience.



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