College Summers: 29 Tips To Surviving Ibiza

Ibiza is a place that you have to go to at least once in your lifetime. There is no better time than going to Ibiza during those college summers. I went for a month in 1st year college and it was one of the greatest trips I've ever been on. I must admit a month was a long time but if you want to do it, or even three months, follow my most coveted tips. It is the ultimate piss up and if you don't want to go to a super club every night you don't have to. West End is in San Antonio. It is a long road with all the pubs on it with free admission. Before you leave college I highly recommend you spend some time in ibiza.

1) Stay in San Antonio

Yes it's a kip but it is where West End is which is unreal for nights you can't afford or don't want to go to super clubs. If you have a big budget and can spend money on a house rental go for it but I recommend San Antonio.

2) Go to every beach party

Go as many times as you can they are unbelievable and you can usually pay a certain amount before and get unlimited drink for an hour or two. So, use those hours wisely.


3) Go to Joe Spoons for cheap drinks

Joe Spoons is on the West End and they do the cheapest drinks. So go there and get drinks and then venture elsewhere. They have a good area to sit outside if needs be and it's Irish of course.

He looks trustworthy now doesn't he....

4) Get Ibiza Woks

This is a noodle shop based on the West End and the noodles are phenomenal. Beware of some flavors as some are way too spicy for my liking.


5) Go to Jamie Jones

He was the best person I saw when I was there. If you are to see anyone see him, it was incredible.

6) Sunbathe

I didn't. I was either drinking or too hungover and by week 2 I envied everyone's tan. I know it sounds stupid but some people don't.


7) Get a group, rent a boat and have a boat party

I don't really need to explain this. Just do it.

8) If you don't have enough people to rent a boat, go to Pukka Up Sunset Boat Party or Lost in Ibiza


9) Go to the Super Clubs

Yes, they are expensive but it is so so worth it. Don't go every night though unless you are rolling in it. Space, Ushuaia, Sankeys, Tantras and Pacha are a must.

10) Stay in a cheap hostel or if you are in a big group rent a house

Don't waste money on accommodation. Obviously make sure it is safe, first and foremost, but you aren't going to be there that much so it doesn't really matter what it looks like. If there is a big enough group of you and you are renting a house you will be in heaven.


11) Watch the sunset at Café Mambo

The best place to watch the sunset is in front of Café Mambo. There is no need to actually go in there. Sometimes famous dj's show up and play and you can watch for free.

12) Get a workers band

You will find out how to get one of these. You usually go down to one of the bars on West End and buy one there and tell them where you work. It should be easy enough to get. This band will get you into all the super clubs at a discounted price.


13) Bring Good Speakers

You'll need them and prayed you brought them. This is a must-have item people.

15) Go to the Launderette

If you are there for a certain amount of time get your laundry done. For some reason whenever I'm away nothing washes properly. So, I suggest to go to the launderette and it will cost about €10 for a massive bag of clothes and they will wash and iron it.

16) Go to the Zoo Project


Make sure you get painted for this. It is an abandoned zoo and you even have to hand your cameras in when you enter because they don't want any evidence of the party. This is one of the best things I did.

17) Get Workers Guestlist

If you're not working yourself then try and get in there with some workers. And, find out where you can sign up for guestlist. It will be in quite random places and you just have to say what you work as. Simple as really.

18) Be prepared for Soul City


This is a hip hop bar on the West End. It is very full on. Don't go in unless you are extremely drunk or up for getting the shift.

19) Go to Borra Borra

Preferably to a beach party. It is very scenic and worth the journey.

20) Get the free bus in San Antonio to all the Super Clubs


These go most hours and bring you to Space and the likes. It is a free way to get there so you can't go wrong. Just be warned bring water and a hand fan of some sort they get extremely hot and packed.

21) Get on each clubs Facebook, Twitter or mailing lists

This will ensure you get cheaper nights out.

22) Make friends with a rep


A rep can get you a long way. If the chance arises to befriend one do. You can help them and they can help you. Circle of life.

23) Don't be an idiot

Just don't do stupid things. Don't give a rep on the street money for a schedule or planner or at least check that the tickets are legit before you buy them. Basically you can find everything out yourself. That's what the internet is for.

24) Pre drink


Drinks in the nightclubs are ridiculously over priced so have your drink before you go. Vodka is so cheap and you can get a bottle of wine for 70 cent. You can't really go wrong there can you?

25) Make new friends

Embrace all the people you encounter in Ibiza. It is the island to make new friends you would never normally meet.

26) Make sure you have air conditioning


We didn't and by God did we hate it. If you're a girl just let it be known that without it your make up won't stick to your face.

27) Clean your balcony

We didn't for a while and it was just disgusting.

This is the clean part...


28) Don't bring heels

You will never wear them but if you want to bring a pair, bring wedges.

29) Don't get tattoos when drunk

You will regret it. Make it a sober decision.

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Lauren Rol
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Lauren Rol: A UCD graduate who spends most of her time watching the Soaps. A devout fan of Chinese food and a French Bulldog obsessive.

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