We all go through a few stages in our lives where we strongly feel as though we need to get ourselves inked and we need it now goddamit. Then your sister/ brother/ best friend/ other half steps in and announces the same thing and suddenly, BOOM, what about the ingenious idea of matching, or at the very least, complimentary tattoos? Excellent, let's do this! Take some inspiration from this and have a look at these oh so pretty matching tattoos:

L'arc et sa flèche



Matching Tattoos With My Best Friend.!?❤?✌?

Small tattoos




couple | Tumblr

friendship tattoo. This in blacklight ink yes! | Tattoo ideas | Pinterest



. | via Tumblr

Me & My Girl ❤️ The Symbol Of Friendship

Friends tattoo



Live your dreams

I am the captain: courage is my compass, honour is my anchor.

Inspire me

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Couple tattoo

A Friendship's tattoo with ❤Pandacorn❤


My bestie and i being awesome

art is to console those who are broken by life.

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