Conor McGregor Announces Some Huge News...

Conor McGregor has announced that he will fight on the UFC 200 bill in Las Vegas on 9 July after all. Last week the featherweight champion caused a stir when he apparently announced his retirement on Twitter.


McGregor said on his facebook page late last week that the promotional obligations had become a distraction for him. UFC President Dana White highlighted McGregor's massive importance to the UFC over the weekend, but said that he still wouldn't be fighting at UFC 200.

"I want him to fight, but it's not right," White said. "Conor has a huge fan base, people love to see him fight ... But UFC 200 is going to go on (without him)."
 Now that McGregor's back and with only two months to go- we can't wait for what will no doubt be the most talked about event in UFC history.

Video: Nate Diaz "Ain't Doing Sh*t" without Conor McGregor at UFC 200



College Times Staff

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