Could You Stop Breathing Please?: Pictures That Perfectly Sum Up Your Period

As girls of the world, we ride the fine line of hating our period because of the torture we feel on a monthly basis, yet loving them because, hey, at least we aren't pregnant. To the girls who don't feel anything besides the disgusting sensation of blood pouring out, I am jealous. To the girls who experience tough cramps and hopelessness, I feel you. Trust me, I understand the pains. But together, painless or suffering, we can all say that periods suck. Having to guard against staining clothes sucks. Being judged because we have periods suck. It all just sucks. So give me some family sized Cadburys and rom-coms on Netflix asap and leave me alone forever please. Here are 18 quotes about the torture that is being on your period:





But hey, at least you're.....

Amber M Paez

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