The Only Reasons You'll Ever Need To Hit The Gym

This list of 10 wacky reasons is all the motivation you need to put down that tin of Roses and booty shake your way to the gym...what are you waiting for?

1. Treadmills are Great Craic


2. It’s a Chance to Impress the Ladies

3.To Get Fit…And More Importantly, Hot!




4. The New Gym Classes-Think Zumba Baby!


5. It's a Heaven of Ripped People


6. The Gym Equipment is So Easy to Use


 Seriously even cats can gym it...

7. To Cancel Out a Binge


8.  To Clear your Mind


9. To Help you Sleep Better


10. The Endorphins

            Going to gym...


               During the gym….


             Afterwards ….


Vicky Britton

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