Creme Egg Mayonnaise Is A Thing And We're Not Sure How We Feel About It

Creme Egg Mayonnaise Is A Thing And We're Not Sure How We Feel About It

With Easter just around the corner, Cadbury's creme eggs are cropping up everywhere. A chipper in Ballyfermot recently added deep fried creme eggs to their menu for a limited time, cream egg McFlurrys made their much-anticipated comeback and there is even a cream egg frappuccino. This latest creme egg related development may just be a step too far.

Heinz have partnered up with Cadbury's to bring the unlikely combination of creme egg mayonnaise.

As a fan of both mayonnaise and creme eggs, I have so many questions about this. What is the texture like? Is it sweet or savoury? What do you eat it with?



People also took to Twitter to share their shock that such a product exists.

According to Metro, this new addition to the condiment press combines Heinz mayo with creme egg filling crème pâtissièe, and pieces of Cadbury creme egg chocolate shell. In response to how it can be eaten, Heinz recommends using it with waffles or crumpets.

Speaking about this unusual product combination, Martina Davis, Brand Manager for Heinz [Seriously] Good Mayonnaise, said:

We have had so much fun creating this unique Creme Egg mayo for Easter with our friends over at Cadbury – we absolutely cannot wait for people to try it.

People have tried it and overall the reaction seems to quite positive. Regarding, the appearance, the overall stance was that it looked extremely unappealing. According to tasters at  The Independent it 'looked like mustard that had gone off months ago'. Overall people are pleasantly surprised with the creme egg mayonnaise.

It may sound like a stomach-curdling concoction but we won't knock it until we've tried it.

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Deirdre Kelly

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