Daily Problems of an Independent Twenty-Something

Flying the nest and pursuing a life independence from home is an experience most young people relish. However, unfortunately along with the all the freedom and hilarity comes a group of simple yet effective problems. Problems which we are aware of and which could be easily avoided, but somehow our complacency allows them to creep into our everyday life. Here I’ve highlighted a list of such problems which I find to be effecting my everyday life.

1. Sleeping Pattern.

Whether it’s because of working late, staying out drunk until the early hours or simply from sitting up all night with your friends talking shite, we don’t sleep properly. Lack of sleep, over sleeping and broken sleep are things which are effecting nearly all of us every day  in one way or another. It seems to be one of those problems which we tell ourselves every week we’re going to sort out but immediately forget about at the first sniff of a late night brewing. Sleep is vital.

2. Managing the Pennies.

Every week when we receive that highly anticipated, well worked for pay-slip, we face a massive moral battle against temptation. A mental battle ensues. Our hearts are telling us to indulge on drink or eating out somewhere nice. Then heads butt in with some sensible logic. More often than not the heart will prevail and come the end of the week you’re rummaging around the house in a quest for loose change to buy a breakfast roll in Centra and a can of coke if you’re wealthy enough.


3. “Is all the milk gone?”.

We’ve all experienced the bitter disappointment of being in the company of a herd of tea thirsty individuals who come to the realization there is in fact no milk in the house. Fingers of blame are pointed immediately. This more thank likely ends with some bickering and a game of rock-paper-scissors to determine who is the unfortunate being who must make the trek to the shop to purchase the all important milk.

4. Wet Towels.

Is there a more depressing feeling than exiting a steaming hot, relaxing shower, feeling fresh and ready for action, to discover that all of your towels are wet? Only after facing such trauma, will one truly value the comfort of a dry, clean towel.


5. Counting down the minutes to work.

For anyone who works evening/night shifts, the day of work is a dreary one.  Constantly glancing at the clock in an anxious wait until we enter the last hour where every minute starts to become more and more valuable, the day becomes dominated by time. We sit with our  friends with a brave face on, knowing that soon we’ll have to depart from the fun to get ready . The last half hour is the worst and most difficult part and the time when most complaining will be done. So if you hear one of your friends on one of these ‘close to working-time rants’, spare them a thought.

6. Not enough glasses for the party.

How often have you either hosted or attended a house party and struggled to find something to drink from? This isn’t such a problem for beer drinkers, but for those who brought a bottle of vodka, you’re facing a challenge. Once all the glasses have been used, anything that even resembles something that could contain liquid is whipped out, from bowls to vases and even 2 litre water jugs. If all resources have been strained and there’s nothing left, some even attempt taking a swig of the vodka, quickly followed by a mouthful of the chosen mixer. These are a brave breed.


7. Cold.

Living out of home brings with it, for most of us ordinary joes, a great amount of coldness. Heat unfortunately comes with a cost that most of us would rather do without, to lessen those dreaded monthly bills. So, instead we chose to live in fridge like conditions, sleeping fully clothed in hoodies and tracksuit bottoms to try to eliminate that discomforting creepy chill that follows us to every corner of house through the winter months. Like all the other problems listed above, this is one that with some money management and a bit of discipline we could tackle head on, but instead we chose to live through it and complain about it continuously. “Bring on the Summer” is a cliché that has more meaning than partying, holidays and unwinding for us Eskimos. The Summer brings with it for us a free, natural heating system.

8. Them Bus Journeys.

Late, over-crowded, expensive and uncomfortable are a few of the words I would use to describe my experiences with bus travel. It’s as if the government have has an agenda to make sure that no one in the country uses public transport by the year 2018. If that was their motive, then they’re sure as hell succeeding. Well done guys. After you’ve managed to overcome the Everest like challenge of hauling all your belongings in a ten tonne suitcase to the bus stop, you face what could be a 10-45 minute wait beyond the scheduled time. Then you think the hard part is over after paying the shockingly over priced fare until, you then have to find a seat with sleepy-eyed 51 strangers watching your every move hoping you don’t sit next to them.

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