Watch: Man Plays Darude - Sandstorm On A POTATO

Watch: Man Plays Darude - Sandstorm On A POTATO

If there's one way I want to ring in the new year then it's probably by watching a man play the techno classic Sandstorm by Darude on a potato.

Youtuber Pupsi released a video in which he shows the process of making a makeshift whistle out of what looks to be a golden wonder and then subsequently plays the 2000 club classic for a good minute and a half.

At the time of writing the video is at nearly 5,000 views but I'm hoping this post can push it into the millions. After all it's taking two things we all love as Irish people: Sandstorm and potatoes. It's a winning combination.

Check out the video below:

He knocks a pretty good sound out of it don't you think?


Just in the spirit of the video I've done up a list of other dance anthems I want performed on a vegetable:

  1. Zombie Nation played on a carrot
  2. Insomnia played on a tomato
  3. King Of My Castle played on a red pepper

I have contacted Pupsi and will give updates on whether he has decided to take on my suggestions.


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