Despacito Makes An Appearance On The Leaving Cert Spanish Exam

Despacito Makes An Appearance On The Leaving Cert Spanish Exam

Leaving Cert students are attempting to drag themselves across the finish line this week, with only three days left of exams and most students already being finished. The taste of freedom is so close for so many, after over two weeks of exams.

Today's exams are Spanish and Chemistry. Spanish is kicking the day off, with a three hour exam that includes the aural, a letter, opinion piece, diary entry and comprehensions.

Students are exhausted by this stage and are clearly holding on by a thread, and the lack of motivation is evident form their latest tweets.


The first thing we need to take from the exam, is the fact that Justin Biebers 'Despacito' made a debut on the Spanish listening, and Leaving certs are over the moon it was the only thing they did to study. As well as that the listening apparently talked about the going ons of Ibiza.

All my spanish study listening to despacito paid off because it was in the listening hahaha @holly_bmcl @SarahKojic @rebeccaungg #leavingcert


The SEC are finally getting some positive feedback!

After all this excitement, students will only have an hour between the two exams, Spanish and Chemistry, to cram as much as they can for chemistry which is not going down well at all.

Good Luck!

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