Common Mistakes Every College Girl Makes When She's On A Diet

Not every diet strategy works. If you follow the wrong rules you could end up putting on as much weight as you want to lose. To keep you on track here are common mistakes you can avoid.

1) You vastly underestimated the amount of calories you are consuming. It's 563 calories for a big Mac not 300... I know because I just ate one.

2) You avoid fat; don't because you end up replacing it with carbs and sugar. Some fats are good for you!


3) You add healthy food without cutting anything else out.

4) You deny yourself desserts. You need that right amount of niceness like dark chocolate to keep you focused so don't cut all treats.


5) You don't eat enough. You cut portion size causing you to feel ravenous and foggy.

6) You use exercise to rationalise a cheat day. Shape your next meal around your previous feed to balance it out.


7) Clean eating is a no no. Just because it's plant grown, doesn't mean it has fewer calories.

8) You laugh at people measuring their foods when in fact, it's the perfect method if you tend to over eat.

9) You eat a tiny breakfast - starvation will catch up on you as your metabolism slows down.


10) You nix protein to curb calories - all green salad is boring. Grilled chicken won't kill your weight loss goals.



11) You eat around your cravings - allow yourself small sacrifices. If you don't, you could end up having a bag of carrots and an apple for 291 calories for the sake of a 101 calorie chocolate bar.

12) You keep trigger food in the fridge - if you can't eat one bowl at a time, don't buy it.

13) Guzzle green juice - Juices have nearly the same amount of sugar as coca cola, be careful what you're drinking.


14) You cut out carbs - eating carbs will curb your cravings. Make better choices, sweet potato should be your best friend.

15) You worry more about mealtime than bedtime - sleep deprivation can lead to sneaky calorie consumption so make sure to snooze loads!


Bottom line: treat yourself, get sleep and opt for water.

Aoife Connolly

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