This Dublin Food Festival Is Where You Need To Be This Weekend

This Dublin Food Festival Is Where You Need To Be This Weekend

The Taste of Dublin is returning to the Iveagh Gardens this weekend to fill us up with mouth watering dishes, refreshing cocktails and a few masterclasses along the way.

If you haven't heard of the Taste of Dublin yet, let me tell you about it. It's a weekend long FOOD festival in the heart of Dublin City where top quality, award-winning chefs from all over the city gather to feed our taste buds.

The foodie festival is on from Thursday to Sunday with loads of different food centered activities. Each day there are two services done, one lunch and one dinner. Each serving last fours hours and you get to wander around the gardens eating fancy food, and tasting excellent wine.

They invite the best restaurants in Dublin to come attend and show what they have to offer. They each have they're own stall where they showcase their best talents.

As well as that you will be able to join interactive masterclasses and demonstrations on different aspects of cooking, join wine tasting, food tastings and more. You will be surrounded by talented chefs, fellow food lovers, and an array of entertainment.

You don't have to be a food snob to attend this festival, you just have to be hungry enough to eat.

During the festival they'll have singers, dancers, DJ's and the likes, to keep you occupied while you digest your lunch and start moving on to your dinner.


Here's an idea of what the festival looks like:

So if this is your kind of festival, which it most likely is, then head over to their website to buy tickets and have yourself a boozy foody weekend!

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