A Beginner's Guide: How To Speak North Dublin Slang

A Beginner's Guide: How To Speak North Dublin Slang

Growing up in North Dublin is a unique experience. From the highs of the Ballymun towers to the great waves of Howth, North Dublin's a truly remarkable place but nothing makes it more remarkable than the dialect:

1. Bleedin'

When to use: "They're bleedin' wrecking my head"

Translates: "They're very annoying people"

2. Dope/ Tick

Translates: A stupid person


3. Gerrup Ow'Da

Translates: "Stop that"

4. C'mere till I tell ya

Translates: "I have something to tell you and it's urgent"

5. Where's the jax?


Translates: "Where's the bathroom?"

6. Deadly

When to use: "That's deadly!"

Translates: "That's really great"

7. Pox


When to use: "I hate that pox" or "poxy weather"

Translates: "I hate that person" or "annoying weather" ie to express announce at something or someone.

8. Puss on her

Translates: "Her face doesn't look very happy"

9. Bang

When to use: "Da bang of Lynx Africa off him!"


Translates: "the smell of strong deodorant off that man makes me feel ill!"

10. Browned off

When to use: I'm actually browned off

Translates: "I'm fed up"

11. Stop the lights!


Translates: "I can't believe it!"

12. State/ In Bits/ Wrecked/ Bet/ Wrote Off / Hack

When to use:

"The state of yer man!"

"Yer ones actually in bits"

"He's wrecked looking"


"Yer man was bet down",

"He's bleedin' wrote off",

"Hack yer one"

Translates: "That man/ woman looks absolutely dreadful"

13. Wreck the gaff


When to use: "Those kids are wrecking the gaff" / "Let's wreck the gaff!"

Translation: "The children are going to destroy this clean home", "let's have a party"

14. A Goo

When to use: "Girls, I have a bit of a goo on me!"

Translation: "Girls, I'd love to go and get drunk!"

15. A Jo Maxi


When to use: "Did you order a Jo Maxi? It's pay in after 11!"

Translation: "Did you order a taxi? We have to pay to get into the club if we don't get there before 11"

16. The Blacker

When to use: "You goin' the Blacker later?"

Translates: "Are you going to the Black Sheep and Dusk Nightclub later?"


17. Hole

When to use: "Did ya get your hole last night?"

Translation: "Did you have sex?"

18. Scarleh

When to use: "I'm actually so scarleh"

Translation: "I'm very embarrassed right now but the feeling of shame will eventually pass"


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19. Delira

When to use: "Ah I'm delira for ya chick"

Translation: "That's great news"

20. Nice one, yeah!

Translates: "Thanks a million. I really appreciate it!"


21. Verdy good

Translates: "very good"

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22. Yizzer

When to use: "yizzer only mad about each other!"

Translates: "you two are definitely in love"


23. Massive

When to use:  "You're only massive in that dress"

Translates: "You're gorgeous in that dress"

24. No way, really?

Translates: "I'm actually really surprised 'cause I didn't know that was true"

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