Dublin Students' Worst Date Confessions

First dates can be awkward, surprising and unfulfilling. Others say that they knew there and then that this was the man or woman for them. These people are most likely lying. There is nothing more nerve racking than that first date from hell. We took to Grafton Street to talk to students about their worst dates. Here are the best stories we heard. Send yours in, it might be time to name and shame; [email protected]

Tom, 22, Trinity College Dublin

"I met this girl on Tinder. She said was 20 which was all good to me - I'm 22. Added her on Facebook scoped through her profile pictures. We were getting on great on Whatsapp and Tinder. I took her to Copan - €5 cocktails and all that. It wasn't until she said she had no i.d. that I got slightly suspicious. I got the drinks and started to ask her about what course she was in. Turns out she was 16 and in secondary school. You should have seen my face."

Adam, 23, DIT

"I had known this girl for a good while. We had been friends for years and I had always fancied her. So, when I finally had the guts to ask her on a date I took her to Bar 37 like the gent I am. I was knocking drinks back and she was too but I assumed she could handle it. It got late and we decide to end the date. We had gotten on so well and I really saw it progressing. So, we're in a taxi on the way back to mine and I lean in for it. Instead of kissing me back, she vomited all over the taxi. And, guess who was left with the €120 bill."


Shona, 21, DIT

"I met this guy through a friend and he added me on Snapchat the next day. We got talking and eventually he asked me out on a date. We got to TGI's - granted not the most romantic place to go - but it is my favorite restaurant. Ended up getting lots of drink and lots of food. The bill came and I had no notion that we weren't going to split it. It comes, I check my half and put it on top of the bill. "Ah no I have forgotten my wallet do you mind getting my shout and I'll pay next time." He seemed genuinely embarrassed so I gave him the benefit of the doubt and paid anyway. Moral of the story, he was a cheap bastard, and never rang me or spoke to me after that. €30 I will never see again."

Katie, 22, DBS

"I went on a first date with this guy I met on Tinder. We had been talking on Whatsapp for a few days and I had met him a few times before. He was friends with a girl I know's boyfriend, so, I knew it was legit. So, we go on the date in Eddie Rockets in Donnybrook. It seemed a bit odd because he lived in Trinity Halls but maybe he was out in the area. We sat down, got talking, ordered and we were getting on really well. Next thing someone walks in - he's facing the door - and he goes "ah shit!". The girl walks over and says "hey what are you doing here?" He responded with "Emm..I am here with Katie she's doing a project with me in college..we haven't even started it yet." As she walked away I asked what that was about, he said "Oh sorry that was a bit weird that's my girlfriend's best friend...I am on the verge of breaking up with her though." I just got up and walked out".


Mark, 23, Trinity College Dublin

"This is very embarrassing but I might as well tell you. One of the lads convinced me to go on a date with his birds friend. I only knew her name she was one of those hipsters that doesn't have Facebook. Was chatting to her over Whatsapp and we planned to meet on a Friday night. Told her I would be wearing a red t shirt. She texted me when she was leaving and all was go. So, basically I was stood up. She said her car broke down but I can't help but think she walked in, didn't like what she saw and left. I have never spoken about it since...until now I suppose."

Conor, 23, DIT

"Had this date with a girl I've known a good while. We had scored a good few times, so, I thought it was time to ask her out. We went to a cocktail bar where they had €4 drinks. I was shitting myself before I went so I had a few drinks. When we arrived I was a bit pissed but I reckoned she would be the same or get drinks there. Turns out she doesn't drink, but, I was well gone at that stage. It is safe to say she didn't contact me again."

Claire, 23, DIT

"I had been on a few dates with this guy before. We always scored on nights out and we had about 5 dates under our belts, so, I wasn't nervous at all about the date. I confirmed with him earlier that day that we were meeting at 7pm in The Grafton Lounge. We had been there twice before and he had been a true gent every time. This time I wanted to buy a bottle of Prosecco on me to pay him back for all the drinks he has bought me. It was 7.30pm, so, I texted him asking where he was. He writes back: "Oh shit I forgot to text I'm sick in bed I'm so sorry about that". Keep in mind I had two glasses out and a 3/4 full bottle of Prosecco. I just cut my losses and ran out."

Send us your bad date confessions and get back at whoever stood you up! [email protected]

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