The Thoughts Every Girl Has While Taking A Snapchat

Oh the Snapchat - a place of mystery and photographs. Full of excitement and future prospects. Where every girl can pose until they can't pose no more. Raise those phones ladies - take that Snapchat and get the date you have been waiting for. This invention has come to us and we should use it in all it's glory. Here are The Thoughts Every Girl Has While Taking A Snapchat.

1) Happiness

Ohhh look at all the Snapchat's I have. He sent me one - he bloody well sent me one. I wonder if they were just for me. Best send some back.

2) Technicality Personified

Okay, how am I going to do this? Is it going to be funny, outrageous, sultry or posed? I'll take a few and decide.


3) Best Friends

Why is she best friends with him? Why is he best friends with her? My best friends look so boring - must change this.

4) Panic

I look so ugly. Nice chins yeah, nice chins. Maybe if I pose this way it will be better?


5) Body Placement

How am I going to get my boobs out, or show my ass in this bodycon skirt, without people thinking I am slutty? Ah fuck it - this is no time to be discreet.

5) Creativity

I'll do a moustache and a parrot on my shoulder that ought to get people talking.


6) Erase

No that looks stupid or does it look alternative and hipster? I'll start again.

7) Anger

Nooooo, I pressed the X button. I'll have to re-enact this all over again. I might not look outrageously good looking the next time.


8) Vanity

I'm pouting, flipping my head in various directions and going to get this photo in.

9) Reality

Fuck I look fabulous! Send, send, send.


10) Panic Rescinds

Shit, shit, shit. I shouldn't have sent it to all those people. But sure I might get some light conversation out of it.

11) Relief

He sent one back. HE SENT ONE BACK. Happy days! The happiest of days! Now, I can bask in my greatness with another succesfful Snapchat day under my belt.


In ten minutes this all begins again. 

Lauren Rol
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Lauren Rol: A UCD graduate who spends most of her time watching the Soaps. A devout fan of Chinese food and a French Bulldog obsessive.

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