Enter The Global Drugs Survey 2104

Drugs are a funny thing. Lots of people take them, lots of people talk about them – often not knowing much at all about what they are talking about.


The media sometimes does a fantastic job reporting on drug issues, other times it’s just not useful or accurate. Sometimes it’s just plain rubbish. Researchers do some interesting stuff but most of it‘s focused on the harm that drugs cause – not the pleasure they can bring to people’s lives. Global Drug Survey hopes to change that.


Collaborating with over 20 media partners and host of researchers and harm reduction networks across the world, translated into 10 languages and running with hubs in 17 countries we are about to under take the biggest survey of everyday drug use (inducing alcohol, tobacco and of course prescription medication – they are drugs to!) that the world, has ever seen. From what would be the perfect cannabis and life after the Silk Road, to what happened when you’re  caught with drugs or being drug-tested in the work place; from nitrous oxide balloons and ecstasy pill testing to value for money and finding out what people do to keep themselves safe while high – this is going to be huge and relevant for people who use drugs, who drink, drop, get high, get low, gets scripts , grow their own or are just curious about the world around them, with a focus on drug policy and the rising tide of new drugs and the internet.



If you are interested in drugs help us get the best information out to everyone. Our results will be published exclusively with our global media partners in March and April 2014.

Take part in Global Drug Survey 2014 by clicking here

Oh and of course.... Everything is anonymous and confidential.


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