The Best Youtube Workout Vids To Get You In Shape Before Summer Ends

You crawl out of your triple-decker palace of empty Lays bags, Fruit Roll-Up wrappers and crushed Coke cans to discover that it's the middle of July. While everybody else has been expanding their workout routines to prepare for the warmer weather, you've just been, well...expanding. But fear not, here at College Times we understand the struggle and all of its various demons, (a.k.a. lethargy, procrastination, chocolate, tequila). Luckily, with only a small amount of determination and an operational laptop you can turn the beat around. Here's a list of the best YouTube workout videos that are guaranteed to get you looking somethin' fiiiine for the rest of the summer.

1. Kayla Itsines Cardio Circuit

Hailing from Australia, super-fit Kayla Itsines has swept the internet with her Bikini Body Guides, the amazing online how-tos that have helped hundreds of women see incredible results. Kayla's workouts are perfect for the girl who needs routine and consistency in order to stick with a program.

Credit: Elle Magazine

2. Jillian Michael's Six-Week Six Pack


Let's be real: everyone's tummy is their worst problem area. Unfortunately, stomach fat is the hardest fat to get rid of on your body...which is why we've called in the big guns: the feisty, ass-kicking Jillian Michaels. If she can tackle a problem as serious as obesity in the U.S., she'll eat your muffin top for breakfast. (I couldn't resist).

Credit: BeFit

3. The FitSugar Apartment Workout

We're all familiar with the excuses of "I don't belong to a gym" or "my apartment is too tiny to work out in." Fortunately, they're no longer valid! FitSugar has a fantastic workout for those of you working without gym equipment or in a tiny, cramped space. The best part: you don't even have to leave your bedroom.


Credit: POPSUGAR Fitness

4. 30 Minute Butt Lift

Summer is all about beaches, fruity drinks, sunshine and, obviously, butts. That's right, warm weather means your sweet posterior is front and centre in shorts, skirts and, of course, bikini bottoms. Unfortunately, toning your behind requires a relentless, consistent approach, which makes the 30 day butt lift ideal. In just a month, you can see a real lift in your thighs, butt and even your posture. The result: his anaconda do.


Credit: BeFit

5. The Toned Arms Workout

Remember that couple of months where women were weeping over the magnificence of Michelle Obama's flawlessly toned arms? That should be every month. Toned arms aren't just for men, they look amazing on women! Get your biceps, triceps and everything in-between in shape with the toned arms workout--everything you buy after the first weeks will be sleeveless.

Credit: XHIT Daily

Video: My Abs Routine

Credit: Carly Rowena

Emily Yaremchuk

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