The Emotional Life Cycle of Taking A #nomakeupselfie

Since the no makeup trend hit facebook,  over 550,000 euro has been raised. The beauty of the no makeup selfie continues to flourish with the helpful donations of thousands of brave and beautiful girls. Behold the emotional turmoil a girl faces posting that selfie . . .

1) The fear of scrolling down the newsfeed

It's not horror movie fear, but scrolling down your newsfeed and seeing all these selfies gives you that sinking feeling in your stomach. You're thinking, fair play to the girls who are taking part, but you really don't want the world to se you at your worst. However, you know at some point you won't be able to escape being nominated. It's just a matter of time. You know it's for a good cause, but the idea of posting a selfie? What good will that do? You'll just donate the money. Yea, be grand. Just lay low for a while and don't attract any unnecessary attention.

2) Oh Lord Jesus no, I've been nominated.

You're going to kill that friend who nominated you, because you're not posting a selfie. Now that they've nominated you, it looks bad if you don't take part. You're slightly tempted to un-tag yourself in that post, but you know better not to. You decide to ignore the nominations. Ignoring it will make it go away.


3) Oh no she didn't!

Your best friend is at you, telling you it's for a good cause. She posts to your page for everyone to see that she's still waiting on your no makeup sellfie. The next time you see her, you probably will try hurt her. She's puzzled as to why you won't take part. She tells you that you're naturally pretty and that you don't need makeup. You don't believe a thing....

You are certain that no guy will ever shift you again if they see that picture. Therefore, you're adamant on the issue.

4) What an unsightly sight!


So you've donated the money, but have firmly put your foot down against taking the selfie. The money is the important bit, not the selfie. You just really want your friends off your back at this stage. However, sometimes you find yourself looking in the mirror, mobile in hand and you end of taking a selfie. A few selfies actually. One look at it though and you change your mind. You look hideous without makeup! God it's not a pretty sight! Hang on a minute. You try find good lighting and make your hair look voluminous. Click. Any better? No. Delete, delete, delete.5) Distractions are good. Everyone loves animals.

5) You try a selfie with your pet. Maybe their cuteness can distract others from looking at your face.

6) You've finally posted that selfie.

You see more and more no makeup selfies, and you wish you had that confidence. Why do you care so much about what guys think? You we're born this way, you can't change how you look. At the corner of your eye you see your phone. You look in the mirror again. You know you're not a celebrity, no one is expecting you to be perfect. Christina Aguilera's 'Beautiful' starts to play in your head. Feck it. You grab your phone and you take that god damn stupid selfie. Hah! Done. Finished. Over. Oh how you instantly regret positing it on facebook. I can take it down quickl-- ah shit, someone's already commented on it. My life is over. FML.

Namra Amir

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