Find Out What Your Fingers Say About You...

Did you know that a lot can be told about your personality by the length of your fingers? Strange but true. Try this and see if it applies to you, are you hand A, B, or C? Check below to find out...




Do you get a lot of attention, are you a natural flirt? That might just be because because your ring finger is longer than your index finger. You are charming and sure of yourself, people can be intimidated by your large personality. You go after what you want and why not? You take risks and they usually pay off. You would make a good salesperson, engineer or public figure. You have a tendancy to be aggressive and often these people earn more than their colleagues. Is this souding like you?



Would you consider yourself a confident person who easily takes the lead? Are you highly organised? If your index finger is longer than your ring finger, then it would seem that you are. You're a quick thinker and calm, people really value your opinion. You can be narcissistic on occasion and like to spend time alone. You take love and affection easily but are slower to give it. You are a natural born leader and people tend to gravitate towards you. Your ideal career would be in politics or a teacher.


Do people naturally confide in you? Are you a good person to go to with a problem? If so, you probably have a ring finger and index finger that are the exact same length. You’re fair and even minded, a good listener who thinks before you speak. You make others feel good in your company and instil confidence in others. You’re kind and caring and enjoy helping those around you. If you don't see this compassionate side of yourself, don't worry it's there you just may need to look deeper into yourself to find it. You would make a great social worker or doctor.

College Times Staff

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