GMIT Flatmates Now Solely Communicate Through Passive-Aggressive Fridge Notes

GMIT Flatmates Now Solely Communicate Through Passive-Aggressive Fridge Notes

A house of students in Galway have been communicating solely through passive aggressive notes left on their fridge for the past 2 months, College Times has learned.

Declan Hughes, Caoimhe Byrne and Saoirse Dunne began with the best of intentions when they began living together in a three bedroom apartment while all attending GMIT.

As the weeks and months progressed however, things started to turn sour. Issues such as leaving the heat on, who's turn it was to wash up and loud intercourse at stupid o'clock in the morning have all been flash points in the deterioration of house morale.

Rather than tackle the ill feeling in the house head on, the housemates decided on a rolling system of snarky post it notes left on the kitchen fridge.

We contacted each house mate separately and they all confirmed that they hadn't spoken to each other in weeks, all admitting that they prefer relaying snide messages to each other via the medium of the fridge door.

College Times were granted access to some of the notes in question, which highlight the fractured nature of the flat. Here's are some of the transcripts:


"Hey, think it's Saoirse's turn to take the bins out, place really stinks"

"Guys, someone left the heating on constant. Declan you were the last up?"

"Caoimhe here, couldn't get a wink of sleep last night. Someone was up til all hours... Saoirse??"

"Hey guys, Declan here. Did one of youse eat my Ben & Jerry's? Maybe whoever did it might think of buying me a new one..."

These notes vividly sum up the toxic atmosphere in the apartment at present.

Sources say that the situation may reach boiling point soon as insiders are speculating that the apartment is nearly out of post it notes.

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Eoin Lyons

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