There Is A Giant New Bowling Alley & Cocktail Bar Opening In Dundrum And That Is Just Great

There Is A Giant New Bowling Alley & Cocktail Bar Opening In Dundrum And That Is Just Great

Drop everything. Whatever work you are currently engaged with, drop it. If you are a cleaner, drop your mop this instant; if you are a children's tennis umpire, blow your whistle and bring an end to whatever farcical sporting endeavour is unfolding before you and climb down from your weird tall chair, if you are a surgeon, drop your scalpel, simply scribble 'back in a few, gtg' on a note, stuff it into the open cavity of whatever patient you are working on, and make your way out of the operating theatre. Drop everything, except your phone until you've concluded this article. Drop everything and return home. Throw open your front door - do not even break stride to acknowledge whatever loved one, be it a parent, lover, or child, may try and district you with their distracting greetings - and stride into your bedroom. Rip open the shutters of your wardrobe and gather your materials from the neatly arranged and tasteful display on which they reside. Pull on the soft, suede, fingerless bowling glove; slide your arms through the holes where the sleeves should be in your cut-off denim waist-coat, emblazoned with your bowling team's historically punning name, 'Anne Bowlin''; sink your feet into the plush interior of your moulded size-9 bowling shoes, then, take time before gathering into your gloved hands your prized bowling ball - custom-made from unique polymers, specially designed to fit to your hand - and polish it in that weird big sort of sling thing that people who're into bowling always seem to own to polish bowling balls. When you are ready, go, go sit on your bed and wait, wait for the newly announced eight-lane bowling alley to be built and opened in Dundrum.

If you do not have a wardrobe awash with custom-designed bowling paraphenalia then you really need to take a long hard look at the mirror and be grateful that you've made some pretty key decisions that have allowed your life to pan out that way. Do not fret however, as I'm sure the newly announced eight-lane bowling alley set to open in Dundrum will, like all other bowling alleys, provide all the apparatus necessary for bowling.

The bowling alley, with attached diner and cocktail bar, will be called 'Stella Bowl' and will be owned by The Press Up Entertainment Group, the same company who own The Stella Cinemas. It will be located in the Pembroke District in Dundrum.

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