Gin Lovers Rejoice! Study Shows Gin Drinkers Are Sexier Than Other Drinkers

Gin Lovers Rejoice! Study Shows Gin Drinkers Are Sexier Than Other Drinkers

Gin is getting all the love lately. There are gin & tonic chocolate bars, a town in Mayo has Ireland's first permanent gin trail and people all over can't get enough of the spirit.

Now, a UK study shows that gin drinkers are in an elite group of the sexiest people going. That is they feel sexiest, compared to other drinkers.

The research found that those who drink spirits, wine and beer all had different emotional responses. The Bangor University and King’s College London conducted the study across 30,000 people between the ages of 18 - 34 across 21 countries.

However, don't get too carried away chatting up people. The study found that gin drinkers were also a bit aggressive. Forty percent of people equated spirits with feeling confident and sexy while those who like wine and beer were more chilled out which is hardly surprising.


One of the researchers commented: "Drinking spirits like vodka and gin was linked to feelings of aggression and restlessness - but also gave people a boost of energy and confidence. Beer increased both relaxation and confidence."

Heavy drinkers were more likely to choose a drink they associated with feeling aggressive and teary.

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