Why The Pill Makes Girls F*ing Crazy

To be fair it sounds like a dream situation. You just take a tiny pill every day and you can ride circles around you without any worries that you are going to get pregnant. Well the facts are that it's just not that simple. Ask any girl honestly and she will tell you that the pill makes you a complete crazy person.


Here are 10 reasons why the pill is the devil in disguise.

It Can Kill Your Sex Drive


In a bizarre and strange turn of events, the pill can actually make you not want to have sex.

It Can Cause Blood Clots.

According to studies you are twice as likely to develop blood clots if you are on the pill.

It Makes Your Boobs Sore


Lots of people say that their boobs feel sore when there're on the pill.

It Makes You Gain Weight


If you gain a stone some of it will go to your boobs but the rest is just so annoying…

It Makes You Completely Paranoid

There's something about the pill that just makes you suddenly think your Boyfriend is very shady indeed. Suddenly he's not so sweet in your eyes.. He's annoying you: he shouldn't want to go on lad's nights out and he should text you continuously throughout the day and not doing so is definite cause for argument… or tears, or both.

It Attracts You To Shitty Guys


The geniuses in New Scientist  say that women have this natural attraction kind of thing that basically picks them decent mates. When you're on the pill, your hormones are all mixed up and unnatural so you can't distinguish as clearly between a decent man and a dickhead.

Tears Can Free Flow At Any Stage


A puppy, some one on the street begging, an Oxfam ad on TV, all things to sympathize with normally but everyone knows that when they're on the pill those tears can flow so much easier..

Mood Swings

One minute it's all fine, the next it Quite Simply is NOT. Blame it on the pill…

You Can Still Get STDs


Getting pregnant is one thing you're covered for but you are open and vulnerable to a whole other world of crap. For a full list look >here<


When you start the pill for the first month or so you can feel nauseas and weird for no reason at all. Upset stomachs also happen..

Of course if you come off the pill it takes months to get out of your system so you can be all sorts of mental for a while longer, whether you like it or not..

On the other hand condoms are all sorts of buzz killers.. so we just don't know.

*Takes pill and purveys male talent in bars...

Martha Cassidy

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