Good Weather Is Set To Break For The Bank Holiday Weekend

Good Weather Is Set To Break For The Bank Holiday Weekend

After days upon days of glorious weather, it’s finally happened. It’s over.

Honestly, we were all waiting for this to happen. After spending most of the good weather complaining about the horrible hot, sweaty, and warm temperatures, it seems the heavens have finally heard us and we’re regretting everything we’ve ever said.

Starting from today it’s about to get very wet, windy and thundery. For today, temperatures are meant to stay high, but dark clouds are making their way over and most of the day will be a humid, showering mess. There is a status yellow warning for rainfall, with around 50mm set to fall within the day.

If you’re heading off to Forbidden Fruit this weekend, pack some rain gear and some wellies because the weekend isn’t going to get much better.

The weather is still going to stay quite humid, but many scattered light and heavy showers are going to fall. The thunder storms will hang around for quite some time over the weekend, making the weather very changeable and unpredictable.


By the time Monday comes around, it’ll start to even out and warmer weather will be back, although it’s probably not going to be as nice as this week. Rain may fall, and the skies won’t stay as blue.

Here’s hoping this wasn’t the only good weather we’ll get all year, and we haven’t wished it away!

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Grainne Sharkey

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