Government Crackdown On YouTube Induced Hallucinations

The war on drugs has taken an unexpected turn today as the government has now banned a certain Youtube video as it gives you hallucinations for a few moments. Chief Justice Larry Anticraic had this to say, ”This video is running rampant amongst young people today, it’s grossly addictive as it’s free and only takes one click to get ‘high’.”

The video in question is an optical illusion where you stare at the middle and repeat letters, afterwards when you look away you experience visuals which are “totally what you see when on acid”. Health care officials have deemed the video unsafe as it gives neophytes a chance to experience LSD’s hallucinogenic experiences without the fear of tearing off their eyelids and eating them, which of course is a huge problem nowadays with young LSD users.

The Dáil are having a meeting today to discuss the possibility of shutting down Youtube entirely in a bid to prevent any further videos of a similar nature reach the Irish youth.

We managed to smuggle a free sample of the video for you:-

[youtube id="tVgOLWVYytM" width="100%" height="380"]



WARNING: Do not 'use' video in public, you may look like an asshole

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