Great News: There's Another Reason You Need To Keep Drinking Coffee

Good news for all of you coffee drinkers out can help deal with all the issues your drinking has caused! If you're a twenty something, you have most likely drunk your fair share of alcohol. What we never really stopped to think about whilst downing shots of tequila was the impact this would eventually have on our bodies.

But as it turns out, our second favourite beverage after anything alcoholic, can actually help reverse liver disease. A new study from Southampton University has found that if you drink two cups of coffee a day, you can lower your risk of cirrhosis by 44%. One cup was tied to a 22% lower risk and three cups lowered it by 57%. An important note of the study was that they used boiled coffee, so your mocha frappuccinos probably won't help even the tiniest bit.


But any of you filter coffee drinkers, keep up the good work!



Credit: HowcastFoodDrink


Isabelle Riggins

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