How To Half-Arse Your Halloween Costume This Weekend

How To Half-Arse Your Halloween Costume This Weekend

It's always a struggle, Halloween. While most of your friends are debating which intricate and expensive costumes they will make/buy you sit back and think: effort.

So you leave any decision on a costume to the last minute and head into town only to realise all the best costumes are either gone or are far too expensive. That's where College Times comes in with a timely guide on how to half-arse your Halloween costume this year.

1) A Blanket

The old reliable. Simple, cheap and spooky. Well maybe not spooky, but very cheap.

2) Morph Suit

Another straightforward option. If you can put up with not being able to see as well as sweating profusely.


3) Johnny Cash

Go as the man in black and all you need is, you guessed it, black clothes.

4) Baby Driver

A hoodie and earphones. Done. Next.


5) Bin Bags

Bin bags are as versatile a Halloween addition as any. You could be anything from Batman to a witch to a... okay just use your imagination. Anything remotely black basically.

6) Creepy Lenses

Another handy way of appearing very creepy with little effort. Although they are uncomfortable for those who aren't used to wearing contact lenses.

7) Blood


Just throw some blood on your clothes and your away in a shot. Simples.

8) Glitter

Ah glitter the herpes of the arts and crafts world. Also a last ditch attempt to appear festive.

8) Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize


Just head into your local Dealz or euro shop and buy a rake of random accessories. Say you have a hoarding problem.

9) Georgie From 'It'

A yellow rain jacket is all you need for this outfit. The great thing about this costume is it doubles up as a practical piece of clothing. Back of the net!

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Eoin Lyons

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