3 Halloween Costumes For Under A Fiver If You're Broke AF

3 Halloween Costumes For Under A Fiver If You're Broke AF

Halloween is just around the river bend which means last-minute plans and expensive costumes. Don't be fooled by overpriced demonic material, get yourself a bargain costume that you won't be afraid to lose during the witching hour.

Each of these costumes come in at under €5 so you're saving money and devil-worshipping for the price of a coffee:

Unicorn - €4.50

If you're more mythical than medieval, you'll enjoy this fluffy unicorn number from Dealz. The headpiece and tail cost an impressive €3. Need face paint? Try out their mermaid makeup kit which includes plenty of pink blusher and gold powder to give you that mythical, camp glow.



Day Of The Dead - €3

One of Halloweens most popular looks, a Day of the Dead face is not only a simple look it's a winner for the gal who likes to act the ghoul. At €3 for a day of the dead headband and face paint, both from Dealz, you can't go wrong.

Witch - €4.00

If you've got some makeup handy follow a simple witch's makeup tutorial and top it off with this €4 witch's hat from Penneys. If you fancy going all in, add this birdcage to your spooky look for an additional €1.50 from Dealz.

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Garret Farrell

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