How To Handle Being Trapped At A Party With A Bore

It always seems to happen when something good is happening with your friends. You've gotten stuck with a major fucking bore. You're drunk and see someone you know and you've forgotten that they never shut the fuck up. It turns out to be a terrible decision but the problem is you're just too nice a person. Here's how to handle if you get caught in the unfortunate situation...


1. You had good intentions.

You only wanted to talk to say hello and have a quick chat, maybe it'll be fun!


2. Very, very intensely friendly person.


Jesus calm down I only asked for a lighter.

3. Suddenly you realize you have made a mistake.

It all comes back to you why you don't usually talk to them.



4. You try to be nice and distance yourself a little.

Okay time to pull out of this conversation...


5. Find the right time to end the conversation and walk off.

Okay...this seems like a good point to exit.




6. Oh, no, they're still talking.

Maybe you should just walk off.

7. You don't wanna be mean.


They'll find a friend some day. It won't be you though.


8. Shit, your friends are all laughing at something.

You missed the fun because you were stuck here with this demon.


9. You don't even know what they're saying to you.



Something about their favourite flavour ice cream? Fuck sake, you don't care. You stopped listening ages ago.


10. Okay fuck it. I'm going back to my friends.

K bye.



11. No, don't come with me you stay here.

You feel terrible. But that's the last time you be nice to anyone.


Video: People You Should Avoid At A Party



Credit: Youth Nation

Sean Quigley

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