11 Of The Worst People To Meet On A Night Out

Nightclubs are a hotspot for pretty much every kind of person. Some are nicer than others, but alcohol makes the assholes that much more asshol-ish. Here are just a few of the worst people you'll inevitably meet on a night out.

1) The Asshole Bouncer.

Yano those ones that look at your I.D. for a little bit too long? Or just decide to not let you in FOR NO REASON? Them. Avoid them if you can. Unfortunately there's no way to tell the good ones from the bad. It's the luck of the draw, my friend.

2) The Creepy Guy.

You didn't even see him walk by you, but all of a sudden you find him verrrry close behind you, grinding up on you. Ew. And he's sweaty. Freak.

3) Your Ex.

Your ex plus alcohol equals drama. Always. Try and stay away.


4) Childhood Friends.


5) The Taxi Driver Who Won't Negotiate.

Why can't we just make a deal? 20 euro will cover it I swear. Dickhead.

6) Teachers.

The definition of awkward. Get away from them as soon as you can. DO IT.

7) The Leech.

Whether they follow you around the whole night because they have no other friends or because they have no money and are trying to get you to buy them shots, they're annoying as fuck.

8) The Asshole Bartender.

They leave you waiting ages and ages for one goddamn drink.

9) The Person Who Thinks You're Drunk.

Well, you are. But they're way worse. Who do they think they are to tell me (100 times) that I'm drunk, when they have streaky make-up all over their face and one shoe on?

10) Someone You Hate.

Well actually, they should avoid you because if you meet them shit's gonna go down.

11) That Touchy Feely Person.

I know I have to shout in your ear but get your hands off my hips, ass and waist. Just lean in for fucks sake.

Clodagh McMeel
Article written by
Self-confessed cat lady, Clodagh is known for her sneezing and laziness. She is most often found on the couch or in bed, usually accompanied by her laptop and pizza. When she isn't doing nothing, she studies English and French in Maynooth. But that's very rare.

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