These New Harry Potter Makeup Brushes Are Spellbindingly Beautiful

These New Harry Potter Makeup Brushes Are Spellbindingly Beautiful

Harry Potter makeup brushes mean one simple thing: take all our money now.

Have you ever wished you could wave a magic wand and be done with this makeup business? Well, one smart Etsy shop owner has answered your prayers. Cookie Dough Deco, an Etsy shop that specialises in selling quirky cosmetic bits, is selling a range of Harry Potter-inspired makeup brushes so you can magically contour and blend. The Harry Potter brushes come in black, gold, metallic, and rose gold and we can make out the elder wand in the centre. Here is an example of the brushes from seller SupremeAccessoriesGB:

Harry Potter wands are not the only brushes that are enchanting makeup fanatics. Here are just some of the brushes you can collect from the Cookie Dough Deco shop and Babaroo:

Unicorn Brushes - €14.67

via Babaroo

Enchanted Rose Brushes - €9.02


Rainbow Magic Horn Brushes - €10.83


Yes, we know how intensely fan girl these products are but who wouldn't want to stick on the soundtrack to the Harry Potter movies and live in the moment?


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