The 17 Struggles Anyone With Hay Fever Will Know To Be True

The 17 Struggles Anyone With Hay Fever Will Know To Be True

Summer time is a wonderful time for everyone who doesn't have hay fever. The struggles of having hay fever when pollen levels are at their highest is basically human torture. The Irish weather does not help things though as the pollen count and dampness leaves no chance for people with respiratory or sinus issues.

Here are 17 struggles hay fever sufferers will now to be true during the summer months.

1. You have to carry a giant pack of tissues with you wherever you go

2. Antihistamines are your true best friends

3. Forgetting your antihistamines/ inhaler/ eye drops means the next few hours are going to be hell on earth.


4. You'll wake everyone up with your six million sneezes a night.

5. You'll rub your eyes until your eyelids fold into the sockets

6. And you're left with mascara streaks all over your face.

7. A holiday away is actually just a break from your hay fever.

8. You have to constantly tell people you don't have a cold.


9. You'll internally cry when you hear a lawnmower 'cause freshly cut grass is your worst enemy.

10. People will always ask you why you sneeze so much.

11. You'll do a weird throat scratch noise that makes people think you're part of a new age cult.

12. You'll routinely shove tissue up your nose to plug up the impending waterfall from falling down your face.


13. You'll regularly dip your face in a sink full of cold water to stop your eyes from itching.

14.  The internal conflict of petting a dog versus the million sneezes that will follow is a struggle very few truly know.

15. Hay fever joke: What's worse than staying over in your friends house without antishistamines? Staying in your friends house without antihistamines and remembering they have a cat.

16. You'll grow to hate all outdoor events, flowers, spring and floral patterns until you're nothing but a shell of your former self.

17. Three words that make a hay fever sufferer breathe a sigh of relief: Winter is coming.

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