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Protein is amazing!! Seriously! No matter what your goal is, getting enough protein in is going to be vital to seeing any results in the gym. Despite this so many women don’t get nearly enough protein in their diets so don’t reap the benefits. I know this because out of all the different types of people I train, the most common group is women between 18-30, and it is a constant battle to make sure they get enough protein in. Part of the reason is that when most girls think of protein, they think of the “bros” in the gym slamming protein shakes after a serious arms and calves session #ARMSSMASHED#GUNZ #PIPES, and they automatically associate it with building muscle, but protein is just as important for women as men and most certainly will not leave you with arms that’s don’t fit your shirts anymore.



What it will do is help you recover from your training which means better results from the same amount of work in the gym, help keep you fuller for longer after your meals AND your body actually burns more calories digesting protein than it does after eating other types of food. So yeah you’re probably thinking “that’s all great we know that, but how is stopping us from looking better?”




Well the marketing companies have copped on to this and have started putting protein in everything. Protein brownies, protein crisps, protein beer, protein bars, god knows what else. So now people are going out and buying these foods and eating them freely, thinking they are a “health food” when in reality its just junk food with protein in it. A common lunch room conversation that takes place might look like this…

 Girlo 1: Oh em gee Sarah your eating brownies, I thought we were on a diet????

Girlo 2: No, its fine these are protein brownies!

Girlo 1: But it says there is 700 calories per brownie??

Girlo 2: Yeah but PROTEIN! Its good for me!


Girlo 1: Oh great pass me one!

Story not based on any real Girlos

So they do have a point. The extra protein is good for them, BUT, the number one rule for fat loss is that you must be in a caloric deficit (taking in less calories than you’re burning) to lose bodyfat. So whether they are protein brownies or not, they are going to make you gain body fat, not lose it.

Use these protein treats as something that is better (but not great) to have when your craving real junk food, but the majority of your dietary protein should come from real food, i.e lean meats, poultry, fish or vegetarian options.

 Video: Top 10 Foods High In Protein 2016 [HD]

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