15 Times Holly Willoughby Was Fashion Goals In 2017

15 Times Holly Willoughby Was Fashion Goals In 2017

She's the day-time TV queen that can do no wrong. When it comes to fashion, Holly Willoughby constantly raises the stakes and through her mix of high-street picks and designer labels, the style icon has gained an army of followers in recent years. Here's a round up of some of her best looks in 2017.

To be fair, if she was wearing a bin bag, we'd be asking her where she got it.

1. The time she rocked the leather skirt

2. When she channeled Hollywood glamour at the British National Television Awards


3. Or looked like a perfect goddess in this white dress

4. When she revolutionised Lilac... how much is she killing it in this amazing gown?


5. And made floral look sexy when she wore this number

6. Showcasing this cute dress. Look at that detail!


7. When she looked HOT in this all black outfit

8. We wish we looked like this going to work every day


9. The time she wore a boob tube much better than Britney ever could

10. Again rocking it in the white


11. This dress would work for all occasions

12. Burgundy became our new favourite colour when we saw this


13. When she took sophistication to a whole new level at the ITV gala

14. When she wore this stripey bodycon dress

15. And last but not least, her most daring fashion choice yet and our personal fave... the rainbow dress. It shouldn't work but it does.

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Niamh Burke

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