Honey, I'm Home...7 Reasons Why We Might Be Better Off In 1952

What if life were as cute and cheesy as an I Love Lucy episode? I must say sometimes as I'm cramming for exams or trying to decode that text this guy sent me (why the fuck did he just say "K"???) or trying to squeeze myself into size 2 shorts, I wish I lived in a simpler time. Not too simple, I don't want to be like churning my own butter and shit, but slightly simpler. Imagine all the things that would be better...

1. Family

Families in the '50s sat down and ate meals together. Like all of them. That's 3 a day, 7 days a week. I would be flat-out lying if I told you I remembered the last time I ate with my family at a table, lying even harder if I said I remembered the last time we ate together WITHOUT the TV on. Wouldn't it be nice to have corny family banter over home cooked meals?

2. Friends

Instead of gossiping about people and complaining about our imperfections over a burn book (Mean Girls-style of course) we'd be calling our friends ON LANDLINES to go to the local soda shop or diner where servers would come to us on roller skates and we could dance in our mid-calf skirts and laugh as we shake our ponytails held up by scrunchies. And then we'd walk home before dad got mad because it's not like he could send us an angry text.


3. Dating

Now, dating in the '50s is definitely what got me thinking I was born in the wrong decade. Yeah sure it's nice when my boyfriend sends me a heart emoji, but wouldn't it be better if he brought flowers and had to spend time on the porch talking to my parents before he whisked me off to the movies?




4. Hook-up Culture

So..this wouldn't be a thing. Simple as that, hook-up culture wouldn't be a thing if we lived in the 1950s. If a guy wanted to get in your poodle skirt he would have to dress up nicely and call your landline and talk to your mom and get your dad's approval and win you over with dates to the cinema. We would all be dating gentlemen, *sigh*.

5. Self-Esteem

Today, millions of girls and women suffer from eating disorders or just struggle with body image in general because models and celebrities are a size 00 and plus-size models are like a size 6...Back then, Marilyn Monroe was the hottest sex symbol, even though she had a little meat on her bones. I wish that was still the standard.



6. Life

Imagine life unplugged. Yeah, you'd have some black-and-white cable shows and an old-fashioned radio which is cool but your smartphone with ten thousand apps that beeps ten thousand times a day? Nope. You wouldn't have that. Imagine how much less hectic life would be if none of us even had the option of being on social media. We wouldn't feel pressured to constantly stay in touch with EVERYONE and to make our lives seem #instaworthy.

7. Kids

I hate seeing kids these days with iPads and the skills to play iPhone games better than I can when I actually own an iPhone and they don't. Kids can no longer just turn any object they see until a fairy princess wand with their creativity, but if we lived back then, the world would be their castle. Like I said, sweeter, simpler times. Where would definitely be better off.


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Credit: Josh Leyva

Casey Schmauder
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Casey Schmauder is a third year student at the University of Pittsburgh studying nonfiction writing and psychology, currently enjoying a study abroad in Ireland writing for CollegeTimes and TeenTimes.

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