Man Discovers A Flawless Way To Sneak Alcohol Into A Music Festival

Man Discovers A Flawless Way To Sneak Alcohol Into A Music Festival

We all have pondered over that question:  "How do I sneak drink into a festival and not get caught?" at some stage or another. One man found the best way to sneak alcohol into a festival and it's genius.

Sick of being overcharged for drinks and waiting in a queue for hours, Alex Diamond from New York hatched a plan to enjoy his festival without spending a small fortune. Three weeks before the Electric Zoo festival Diamond filled a container full of vodka and planted the bottle within the grounds of the festival. Choosing a location, he buried the container and waited until he was in the festival to retrieve his drink of choice.

A series of Facebook posts revealed how Diamond planned the entire mission. In order to track were he kept the vodka, Diamond pinned his location on Google Maps after burying the alcohol. Diamond has now started his own Facebook page called "Festival Pro Tips"

An avid festival goer Diamond plans to share all his festival tips in a new book with festival tips organizers "don't want you to know". Diamond shared on Facebook:


I have been going to festivals for the past  five years averaging 50 shows and 10 festivals a year,” Diamond wrote on Facebook...Now it’s my turn to share with the general public my knowledge of achieving an awesome festival experience.

Now, pass me that shovel.

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