How To Become A Hipster

Adam Ashe Browne - Hipster Extraordinaire 

We at the College times are a helpful bunch, lately we've seen a hell of a lot of hipsters and hipster hangouts popping up around Dublin and Ireland. So being the nice people we decided to give you a little guide on how to get by in a hipster dominated world.


Get A Haircut

Otherwise known as the Ket Cut or the Ket back and sides after the hipsters fondness for a certain drug. The new thing seems to be the back and sides with a silly little ponytail to the hair. Blurring gender lines with haircuts and styles is part of the hipster culture, careful though or you will end up looking like Miley Cyrus.


Grow A Beard

A Beard / Moustache is every hipster guy / girls dream. If you can manage to to complete the rugged sailor look with a pipe and large sail boat by all means who are we to tell you not to.

Get Some New Clothes

Making sure every t shirt you buy has an ironic message and rolled up sleeves is almost as important as the tightness of your jeans / jeggings. Don't forget the trainers, a close to the pair you would wear in the gym is the style of choice right now, try a pair of Air Max in Leopard print.


Get a Fixie

Wheels of choice, what you once thought was cool, like 28 speed shimano shift gears, is no longer. With hipsters, less is more, but don't be surprised to be paying more for less - when it comes to the gears department anyway.

Eat At The Fumbally


It's a real hipster heaven with lots of mismatched furniture and semi-unfinished post-industrial style decor. Park your fixie outisde and grab some green eggs and ham and some fresh juice.

Drink In PYG

The ultimate in hipster party hangout, Pygmalion on Dublin's South William St is where the hipsters hang. Sundays are 40% off drinks, that's if you are lucky enough to get served, there is a serious too cool to serve you while Im chatting to my mates attitude from the bar staff, whatever keeps the punters coming back I suppose...


Improve Your Vinyl Collection

Vinyl is the mp3 of choice for the hip and young, adding to 'the collection you have had for years' (As If) is something you've just recently gotten back into, the rarer the better. One good way to decipher whether or not an artist is hipster is if your non-hipster friends to have never heard of them.

Move To Dublin 8


Dublin 8, the hipster mecca, once home to many non hipsters, Dublin 8 has seen a recent influx to its shores due to close proximity to places like the Fumbally and other historic hipster landmarks. Quick, move into a hip georgian house before it becomes to mainstream.

'Ironically' Own Every Apple Product

Even though part of the Hipster Mantra is to reject blind consumerism, hipsters convince themselves that just because they've read Steve Jobs' book, that buying the latest Macbook and iPhone5 is ethical consumerism.

Get On The Social Media


Hipsters love to use Blogspot, Tumblr or Wordpress, as well as taking photos with their newly acquired iPhone 5S and making cross-processed sepia filtered on Instagram.

Ignore Proper Hygiene

Only shower when necessary, a neat trick to help you out is to carry a back pack with you everywhere you go, this way you can move from PYG to that illegal rave in the local art gallery and then back to PYG on a Sunday without even going home, or washing.

And Above All Else... Never Admit You Are A Hipster




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