How To Make Vodka Bottle Glasses

Back in College but you don't feel like you're ready to do any actual work yet? College Times is here with some great procrastination tips, this time in the form of some really cool DIY Glasses made from old liquor bottles... It's just an excuse to look pimpin while drinkin really...

What you will need:  Some String, empty liquor bottle (sober up before making the glasses), a lighter, some cold water.

Soak piece of string in pure alcohol (70% proof or over) (don't drink it for fuck sake)

Wrap the piece of string around the bottle at the desired height and tie firmly


Light the string on fire and allow to burn for a bit (make sure you wash the alcohol off your hands first)

Quickly run the bottle under cold water



Lightly tap the bottle off a stiff surface

The bottle should break evenly enough

Sand the edges off to get them even and smooth



Hopefully you end up with a nice glass, don't worry if it doesn't work first time it took us a few goes to get it right...

Voila! Here's one I made earlier.



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