Ideas That Are Only Good When You're High

We all have those moment where we think to oursleves 'Oh my God, I'm a genius. That is an amazing idea.' and then our brain kicks in and says 'NO. That is stupid and could kill somebody.' and you reluctantly agree. Although when high you and your brain become more intouch with one and other and your brain is like 'Fuck yeah we should put the mattress in the tub so our baths are more comfortable.' Here are some other ideas that you could only think were good while on the wacky tobacky. If you're high while reading this... DO NOT TRY ANY OF THESE THINGS.

Putting Sausages In The Toaster..

They fit. So it makes sense. It's just not safe..

Putting Your Toaster In The Microwave So Your Toast Toastes Faster..

Double time!


Painting Your Pet..

All the pretty colours of your nail varnish collection.

Make An EVERYTHING Smoothie..

Okay so what do we have here; Apple... good, peanut butter... good, ice cream.... good, doritos.... okay, chocolate milk... hell yes, philadelphia cheese... let's do this.


Jump Off That Wall That Intimidated You As A Child...

You have a higher centre of gravity which means you'll land softer... or something... 1 2 3 GO!

Throw A Last Minute Party...

I'm gonna call everyone in my phonebook..


Try And Ride A Pig..


Put Melted Cheese In your Homemade Potato Cannon..


Try Bring Your Sandwich To Life..

Just generally talk to it. The bread is the lips, the ham is the tongue - naturally..

Create The Ultimate High Five..

With a little engineering and a lot of creativity... Or else high five yourself by banging your hands together.


Light Your Farts..

This is just never not funny

Put Pizza In The Blender To Make A Pizza Shake..



Sleeping Bag Races...

Hours of fun and then you can just sleep when you fall. It's the best.

Clean The Dust From Your TV Screen Using Your Cat..


Yeah, this happened.

Buying A Dupstep Album..

Calling An Ex Looking For SEX..

NEVER a good idea. EVER


Talk To Your Parents..

Yeah, tell them about your feelings, hopes and dreams.

Share With You Pet..

Sharing is caring but PLEASE do not pass the joint to your dog..

Give your cat a cat bath..

Hair balls.. They can lick themselves okay. You don't need to give tem a hand..

Chris Duff

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