Irish Mammy Uses Far Too Much Detail Explaining Why Her Son Won't Use A Condom

Irish Mammy Uses Far Too Much Detail Explaining Why Her Son Won't Use A Condom

There's awkward and then there's this.

On Monday we discussed the alarming number of men and women who use the "withdrawal method" as a form of contraception.The survey found that nearly a third of Irish couples and sexual partners are using the 'form of contraception' to prevent crisis pregnancies.

Now, an Irish Mammy has appeared on a Newstalk's 'Moncrieff' show to discuss the "pull out method". Here's what the Irish mammy had to say when she was asked why such a high number of people are using the risky contraceptive method:

They don't feel right. They says it knocks them off. It turns them off. Like, I often got them (condoms) for them and I put it in their pocket and they come back and say to me "you're making a show of me!". When they get a horn and they go to put them on it goes flat.

The mother's son has three children because of using the "pull out method" and this Irish mammy has been driven "mad" by her sons' avoidance of condoms.

The Irish mammy had some words of truth for any young person thinking of engaging in the method. When the interviewer asked the mother about her sons fertility she said:


Oh he is, yeah... I'm not (a happy grandmother) *laughs*. No, but if he was using condoms now he'd be more confident in himself. He's letting himself go 'cause of all the stress of looking after the kids... this wouldn't have happened (if he used condoms)... They're tied down now. Their lives are over...

Only an Irish mammy can create such fear out of a few words of truth. Now, if only we could all talk as honestly about sex. Click here for the full Newstalk podcast.

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