23 Irish Names That Just Plain Sound Made Up

23 Irish Names That Just Plain Sound Made Up

Yes, I know what you're thinking. Technically speaking all names are made up. Yet, you have to admit some sound more made up than others. Like the viral sensation 'Soft Drinks' which partly inspired this article let's take a look at some Irish names that just plain sound made up.

1. Crónagh

Sounds like a place, not a name.

2. Brónach

Brónach. Bró. Bróseph. Sounds like he should run an Irish frathouse.

3. Traolach

This name sounds horrible. Sorry to all the Traolachs out there. But it does.


4. Sadhbh

'Dhbh'. It looks wrong. Wrong I say!

5. Saoirse

Catapulted into the world's conscious by Saoirse Ronan. Nonetheless, it looks like someone fucked a bunch of letters at a wall and this is what they spelled out.

6. Tadhg

Keep saying it yourself. It loses all meaning very quickly.


7. Fiadnat

Irish for Fiat.

8. Prionsias

Hmmmm, how can I give my son a name that sounds Irish and Protestant?

9. Caolac

Nah, not having it.


10. Críona

Like Caitríona with the middle taken out.

11. Sólrún

Probably means

12. Dymphna

Apparently Dymphna is a saint.


13. Meadhbh

Again with the 'dhbh'. Looks so ungainly

14. Aibhilín

Maybe she's born with it... maybe it's Aibhilín.

15. Crónán

It means 'obese badger' in English.


16. Aodhán

His brother is called Bodhrán.

17. Odhrán

Sounds like some mythical God or something. I can't imagine Odhrán being any craic whatsoever.

18. Róise

The minimalist version of Róisín.


19. Laoise

It's Laois with an 'e'. Who thought they'd get away with that?

20. Naoise

Too many vowels.

21. Siún

It sounds like an up and coming indie band.


22. Darrach

Because Dara/Darragh is just too common.

23. Meadhbh

'Thbh' rounds off the list. Even looking at the spelling can make you dyslexic.

Here's another couple of made-up names if you're expecting:

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