The 9 Pieces Of Shite You Definitely Made During Primary School

The 9 Pieces Of Shite You Definitely Made During Primary School

If you ever went to an Irish primary school then you've made the hundreds of random objects that your family may or may not have chucked in the bin. Everyone's favourite part of their week was arts and crafts day. So much so, your teacher would use it as leverage to keep control over the class.

1. Finger Painting

Remember the white plastic bag you'd wrap around yourself before you launched into a neon world of poster paints? If you felt super creative you'd coat your page with glitter afterward.

2. The St. Bridgets Cross

3. Valentines Day Cards

The most awkward and colourful time of the year was Valentines Day. In class, you'd make that special person a letter to show them how much you care. Usually, you hadn't spoken more than ten words to them in your entire existence but you they're the one that needs your carefully constructed masterpiece to bring home to Mammy.


4. The Snowflake

Although the child safety scissors were a nightmare to use, the finished paper snowflake was an impressive feat and creating a chain of snowflakes to hang across the wall indicated that you weren't someone to be messed with.

5. Paper Mache

Back in the day you didn't need a phone or house, all you needed was paper mache. Stuck for a new top to wear? Paper mache it! Need a roof over your head? Paper mache it! This sorely missed skill needs to be brought into adulthood.


6. Marla

Although it smelt strange and didn't taste the best, you could literally make anything out of the genius invention marla. Hands up if you pronounced it "mall-a".

7. Mosaic

Mosaic was the perfect creative outlet for the person in the classroom who wasn't keen on staying in between the lines.


8. Lollipop Sticks

Whether it was colourful frames, the handle of masks or houses, the lollipop stick was used for everything. Who else shoved one of these bad boys up their nose?

9. The Santa/ St. Patricks Beard

Was it even Christmas if you weren't making a Santas beard out cotton wool? You'd make sure to upcycle your Santa Beard into a St. Patricks beard or vice versa.

Is there any we've left out?

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