Jello Shot Jenga Is A Thing

Jello Shot Jenga Is A Thing

Believe it or not, it's spring and the days of outdoor craic are not so far away. So best to get planning right now. Luckily, we've found possibly the most brilliant summer fun invention. It's called Jello Shot Jenga and it's mega.

Everyone loves Jello Shots. Everyone loves drinking games. Jello Shot Jenga merges the two. American company Stone Point Woodwork designed the games. Essentially it features beautiful jenga blocks but the twist is, 15 of the blocks feature in-built room for jello shots! The threat of drunkenness would surely alter your strategy for the game!

The game also includes information packs on making the best Jello shots.

There are currently two different Jello Jenga Shots products on the market. And though both are sadly sold out, we're reliably informed there'll be new stock available soon.


If you're really handy, this Youtube video explains how to build your own Jello Shot Jenga.

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