Kerry Gin Named The Best In World At The World Gin Awards

Kerry Gin Named The Best In World At The World Gin Awards

In what surely comes as a proud moment for the bolstering of national stereotypes with regard to our relationship with alcohol, a Kerry-based gin company has been awarded the top prize at the World Gin Awards in London.

Now, at this point, you may or may not - like myself - be reeling from the revelation that there is a 'World Gin Awards'. If so it is a perfectly reasonable reaction. Personally, I think it a near criminal shame that it does not receive the same kind of attention as other world competitive events such as the World Cup or the Olympics. I can think of no greater televisual spectacle than watching a heavy-set gentleman stoically attempt to work his way through some 400 samples of top-quality gin, before toppling off his perch after about the 47th sample, reduced to a gibbering wreck lying in a pool of his own drunken effluence, only to be swiftly replaced by a new, sober judge who will soon succumb to the same fate. We can only hope that for next year's World Gin Awards we are treated to this kind of televisual bonanza.

At last night's awards however, Dingle Original Gin was adjudged to be the best gin in the world. It was named as the winner of the Best Overall Prize - The Best Picture category of the World Gin Awards, the creme de la creme.

Industry experts blind taste-tested some 400 gins from around the world before announcing a shortlist of 20 entries.


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@dinglegin has won the title of #WorldsBestGin and World’s Best London Dry Gin at the World Gin Awards! ?We’re thrilled to add these accolades to our collection back at the @dingledistillery. When the three independent spirits who founded the Dingle Distillery set out, the aim for Dingle Gin was to create a completely unique and innovative gin, which also worked within the great tradition of gin distilling. Liam, Peter and Oliver achieved what they set out to do and we have always been extremely proud of our gin, however it’s always nice to have the belief in your product validated on a world stage. Here’s to many more years of world-class gin distilling. We hope you all raise a glass in celebrating this achievement with us! • • #dinglegin #bestgin #irishgin #bestirishgin #bestlondondrygin #worldsbestgin #Dingle #dingledistillery #ginstagram #ginlovers #gin #irish #gin #ireland? #independent #independentdistillery #independentdistillers #distillery #gindistiller #Kerry #WildAtlanticWay

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Dingle Distillery took to Instagram to announce their win, and their pride at their work being recognised.

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