Kisses; The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Some on this list may have been bliss, there are also those you'd rather have missed...

1. The 'First Kiss' (awh)

Unless you already had a drunk one on the dance floor (not a good look). This one is quite a big deal,especially if you're into your sparks and chemistry. If it happens on a date it may be a polite peck as you part your separate ways or a lustful french one, you'll know in an instant if it was worthwhile.

2. The Anaconda

Possibly the worst kiss you'll come across! The invasive, wet, full on tonsil tennis that makes me squirm to describe, and will have you bending over backwards to get away from. You cant point fingers at males or females with this one it has happened to everyone! Hopefully everyone shook the habit by the time they reached college though.

3. 'The Dementor'

Does exactly what it says on the tin, sucks all the happiness out of you.

4. The Gobsmack

Kudos to  those brave enough to try this one! Different story if it's your boy/girlfriend in which case it's very showy and romantic. Hilarious when it happens between strangers, in which case you may get a nice spontaneous response! More than often it's a slapped face...sometimes chicks will just laugh and say 'oh my God I can't believe you just did that, amazing!' That's when you know she's a keeper.

5. The Cannibal

Some biting is great,variety keeps things spicy. Don't be drawing blood unless they're into it (bit weird). It may be adventurous but try be cooler than Twilight, honestly.

6. The Burning Passion

Has to be the best! You both want each other desperately, you know what makes them tick and it's all just so hot and fun...and it should always lead onto more fun because you've picked the right setting! I'm going to sneak in my opinion of how annoying public displays of affection like this are, just don't do it. Everyone around you gets VERY uncomfortable.

7. The Root Canal

It's really not that difficult to avoid banging teeth! Just don't go too fast and furious and no sudden head movements it's extremely awkward when you're nashers hit off theres.
A kiss from INSIDE!

8. The Tongue Teaser

As French as they come, it's quite an external kiss not much deep mouth action. A good tease get's you hot under the collar though, well worth getting the hang of!

9. The Upside-downer

Only really ever saw it in Spiderman but it was a great scene. Rather a sweet idea but I think it's quite awkward. Any couples out there might get creative and disagree though! Rain was also included in that scene...rain is just great.
Isabella Domville

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