The 10 Lads In Your WhatsApp Group

The 10 Lads In Your WhatsApp Group

If you're an Irish male between the ages of 15 and well... 40, chances are you have a Whatsapp group with all of your mates. Chances are also that the name of your Whatsapp group is 'The Wolfpack'.  But who makes up your posse? Here are the 10 lads in your Whatsapp group.

1 The Drunken Rambler

This guy will start bombarding the Whatsapp group with intoxicated voice notes around 3 o'clock in the morning. Usually good for a laugh although you have to sit through a lot of gibberish before you get the good stuff.

2 The Ghost

You don't know why this fella even bothers. You know he's seen all the messages, yet he still keeps shtum. He will inevitably appear around holidays when he has nothing better to do and get thick when no one responds to his 'Anyone for pints?' message.


3 The Shit Stirrer

This mans sole aim is to create a bit of drama, and then sit back and watch the fireworks. Classic messages include "I wouldn't take that", "That's bad out what he said" and "Here X, what do you make of what Y said?".

4 The Lad That Doesn't Know Whats Going On

This character seemingly doesn't know how to scroll back to the previous messages. "What's going on lads?" "We're heading out, if you bothered your arse to check any of the thousand messages before this one you would have known that".


5 The Bearer Of Bad News

Always the first with the latest death in the parish, we don't know whether he has an inside man on, either way he's a handy lad to have. Will usually have details of the wake, removal & burial plus whether there'll be tea and sandwiches in the hall after.

6 The Dick Picker

They will lure the group in with a seemingly legit picture of a news story only for you to click in and see... well, you know yourself.

7 The Emoji Fiend


This guy is a serial emoji abuser. He 's at the worst jokes, he can't mention the gym without posting , and he has used the confused monkey () in so many different situations you're not sure what it means anymore. 

8 The Expat

It would seem this guy is only in your WhatsApp because he wants everybody to know how well he's doing abroad. Expect beautiful panoramas, wild nights out & namedropping celebs he's seen. We can only hope he's dying on the inside.

9 The Grammatically Challenged/Text Speak Guy

This guy doesn't have a great grasp of the basic principles of grammar but he hasn't let that stop him. A typical message goes like "Wel bays ani crac? tinkin head down 2 pub if any 1 up four it?" He will maintain he was in a rush and the predictive text messed up on him but we all know he can't spell for shite.

10 Bad Pun Guy

Far too much confidence in their own comedy, only ever responds to messages to make a bad joke. You'd be better off blocking him for a couple of months, let him reflect on his life decisions.

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Eoin Lyons

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